What Are You Doing Today To Help Your Customers Achieve Their Objectives Tomorrow?

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In an interview for my last job, the gal who would become my boss soon after the interview made a comment that has always stuck with me, “If you take this job, you will get to do all of the creative marketing things that you have always wanted to or suggested, but have been told no!”

I left that interview wondering how we would come up with creative marketing campaigns to sell corn and soybeans (I was living in the heart of the corn belt, working for a corn seed company in Nebraska). Guess what? For the next five years our team set out on a path to do just that and we succeeded.  All of these ideas that we put into action started from years and years of writing them down, knowing that a time would come to pull them out and put them into action.

So why do I bring this experience up during a time like this when we all feel like our creative ideas need to be on the back burner?  

Because right now, for the past 3+ weeks you should have been filling up a yellow legal pad, a nice Moleskine journal, or the notes section of your phone with lists and lists of ideas for your next campaign or your customers' next campaign. As the world starts to reopen in the weeks to come, you must be the first person in your customer’s mailbox, inbox or ear to help them reconnect with their own customer base and build their business back up.

Creative ideas will be one of the keys to your success. So today, if you do anything, start writing down your wildest, craziest ideas and start thinking about your next creative move. Remember: you’re the balm (cue lip balm) and you can help pave the road ahead for your customers (and yourself)! 

Here’s a worksheet to get your creative juices flowing!

P.S. Make sure you always have an idea file!