Entrepreneurship Is In Our DNA

Promotional Products distributors can take advantage of sales, marketing, and administrative support services. This includes access to business analytics as well as personalized sales coaching and planning; traditional and digital marketing programs; and technology that supports order entry and management, product catalogs, company stores, and e-commerce websites. Our business services enable distributors to work smarter, freeing up time and resources to focus on professional and personal goals.

AIA Corporation has repeatedly been included on both the Advertising Specialty Institute’s “Best Places to Work” and PPAI’s “Greatest Companies to Work For” lists. We’re also consistently listed on Counselor magazine’s Top 40 Distributors List. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we hire industry people with experience building businesses from the ground up who will understand distributors' journeys.


Our Core Values 

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Smart: Be smart, imaginative problem solvers.

We optimistically believe that it is entirely possible to solve problems that seem impossible. And then we get it done. We apply our professional experience, imagination and intellectual rigor and rise to the challenges that face us and those we serve. Solving problems isn’t what we do; it’s who we are.


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Hungry: Be inquisitive, resourceful and hungry.

We boldly take charge to make big things happen. We are driven to achieve awesomeness by a fire in our belly. Because of this, we approach challenges with an inquisitive, resourceful attitude and the belief that we can and will find a way. We keep our focus on the future, success and what matters; we know excuses don’t get results. We believe that greatness can lie outside our comfort zones and we choose that discomfort anyway.


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Honest: We tell the truth and keep our promises.

Truth matters. We must recognize the truth, no matter how hard, and use it to do the right thing. This means we take our responsibilities to heart. We keep our promises. It also means we operate with purity of intention inside and outside the walls of our organization. We don’t harbor hidden agendas and we stamp out cross purpose goals and activities as soon as we recognize them.


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Collaborative: We believe in the exponential power of us.

We know that when people work together with open minds and big hearts, there is no limit to what they will achieve. We, together, are those people. We value different points of view and put diversity of thought to work on every challenge. We are here for each other and work with each other, with different skills and talents, but one purpose.


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All In! Be all in or get out of our way. No halfway.

We are in this company together… ALL IN. Which means we are always working to make it better and inspired to be on the cutting edge to exceed expectations. Our grit and determination is what sets us apart, propels us ahead and pushes us to stick with it until we reach the glorious finish line. We don’t dip our toes, we cannonball in. While we strive for a great life/work balance, we don’t shut down our powers of observation and imagination when we hit the door because we’re passionate about what we do. We are all in and always on.

Leading the Promotional Products Industry

AIA is a top-10 promotional products distributor community in the United States and includes nearly 300 independent distributors nationwide, 3,000+ suppliers and over 80 employees.